Sunday, February 20, 2011

5 things to do when launch your blog/website! Crawling and indexing within 48 hours

Question: What do you think the people wishes are when launching their blog? Answer: after scrambling many forums and blog communities I observed that the first hottest desire of everyone is to have the blog/website indexed and ranked by search engines. Well, here I will reveal a short steps to be taken to have the blog crawled by Google (for example) in the shortest time, let’s say 24 to 48 hours (keep in mind this period isn’t nailed and depends how well you optimize/promote your page).
  1. Place some content on your page (let’s say 5-10 posts). Once you did that you have to progress to second step and make the blog known for the outer world. Next steps require several actions which can be done within matter of hours.
  2. Open social website accounts, e.g. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and place your blog link in those profiles (it will serve as backlinks to your page). Then you can opt to connect your social sites between them to spread the news and promote your blog faster.
  3. Once you’ve done this you can subscribe and submit your link on various websites (where allowed to introduce the URL); the most efficient are the forums subscription where you can put your URL in the signature of your account. Almost at the same time you might want to perform submissions of your blog to the list with highest rated Search Engines and Blog Directories (click here for the list). The most ranked search engines to submit to are Google, Yahoo, Bing as seen in the listing.
  4. A last thing you can do for promoting your webpage is to leave comments on other blogs (best to be related to yours) and eventually place a link to one of your relevant posts (permalink). Warning: Do not leave your permalink if you do not have something to say or if your blog is totally unrelated to the discussion topic.
  5. Try to monitor your site traffic by getting some specific widgets like Feedjit or Histats. Simultaneously you can submit your blog to Google Webmaster Tools which is the best way to find info and data about crawling, indexing and search traffic (note the Google Webmaster will show you data after your blog is first crawled and indexed).
With one of my blogs I was crawled and indexed in about 30 hours after I posted a relevant news post (found on CNN I think)


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