Friday, February 25, 2011

What is the ideal length of a blog post and how a nice written post can increase traffic?

The content is the masterpiece of a blog. The way a post is written, its clarity and length are very important because it can attract visitors, backlinks and sympathy of the search engines (through keywords). How long should a blog post be? The answer is somehow relative but there are a few ideas tips a user should keep account of.
  1. It does not exist a perfect ideal length for a post message.
  2. The length of the blog posts should be variable (diversity). Why? Because some users like to read short, selected and highlighted information and some other readers prefer to enjoy a more detailed topic. Besides that think about a blog post as a normal conversation. Any of your conversations is the same length? Clearly not! You might talk for 1 minute or you might talk for 1 hour. The same is also with the posts; just try to be original and write as much as necessary.
  3. A short blog post is used when wishing to comment something which (unfortunately) seems already debated by many others and in this case the post is ideally to be at least accompanied by nice selective keywords which can help in promoting efforts. It is like expressing your own opinion but on a subject which is quite popular; as long as many people discussed that it does not make sense to spend much time with that post excepting that you have some genuine followers and want to share with them.
  4. A long post is excellent when something is very recent (like breaking news). When writing a good content (long) post which is backed up also by some keywords there is most likely to happen for the post message to be used as a topic reference on popular high-ranked websites. That means backlink and traffic – 2 essential things.
From a technical point of view the blog post lengths are categorized as follows:
1. Short blog posts:        4 Paragraphs and 135 Words
2. Medium Blog Posts:  6 Paragraphs and 450 Words
3. Long Blog Posts:     25 Paragraphs and 1550 Words

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Small-amount money-earning opportunities

Well, just decided to write down a few possibilities of making bucks with your blog/website but at somehow low-level. Why did I say low-level? Just because if you are not experienced enough or manage a "super" blog for sure you do not become rich. It is a long way to get there. Anyway at this chapter a favourite choice to build uo some income is to subscribe to paid sponsored review websites: A discovered and tried two of them so far and probably i am going to check out some others. I can say that is working nice and well because they show plenty of offers updated on a daily basis. They display about 10-20 offers per day amounting between 5 and 30 dollars on average. It is also simple to handle the procedure; what you have to do is just to bid for the reviews and in the coming period (matter of days) you get confirmation or not. Another review writing website is but there are two main problems with them: 1. you do not have the freedom of choosing the prefered reviews because they offered to you by administrators and 2. you can get 1-2 reviews per month to complete/write about (which is extremely low amount). Both websites make the payments in time as scheduled.

Making money with cashcrate?

Just found Cash Crate website recently and decided to try it. Actually you can earn some cash by filling out surveys and giving up your email address. You can be sure that you will be overwhelmed with plenty of spam messages in the inbox. Therefore if going for Cash Crate it is recommended to use a dedicated email address for it. Although the "get paid to" CashCrate programme is considered a simple way to make money, yet i considered there are some troubles. Normally the website pays you to fill up your email for offers, take surveys, buy or download products and refer to other people (referral program). From all of them the most desirable is to complete the offers BUT they are too...less, especially for those outside US. Why the offers are favorite? Because it is easy to complete the required email address field and does not take long time. Another "but" (according to some reports) is the reliability of the paid survey website. Many people complained their (phone) bills were charged because of accepting/marking some advertising conditions, hence just pay great attention what you are filling out. One more mention for those who try the cash crate "offer" section: after clicking the offer and filling out your email that is enough for submission. Probably you will be taken to another advert window but is not necessary to check it because is not part of the paid program. Success!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Popular ways to add traffic for making money

Here I will "talk" about the fastest ideas, ways to build blog traffic. Making money is obviously related to traffic; every blogger knows that. There are many possibilities to attract traffic to your blog, the only remaining question is how far would you like to go for that. A good option is to pay popular websites but it is somehow expensive (depends on your pocket). You can work yourself to get traffic and the social media sites are strong points. But which of them? It is good to have unique and relevant keywords but with billions of websites across the web is a quite tough task to get noticed.
So far, I have already tried some methods to boost the traffic on my websites and my conclusion is depicted as follows:
High quality posts. What do you hope with that? Well, the answer is…backlinks to popular sites. Recently I wrote a post about a certain topic (not mention its name here) and I highlighted that posts with some less familiar keywords. It just happen that a news website found my link, the editors liked my report and posted on their page. It was a very efficient backlink with thousands of visitors (~4000) daily for about one week. Of course the traffic from that backlink decreased over time but however I got one point in Google’s PR and even not I get visitors from respective website (probably they search the archives and more important I am better found on Google).
Forums/discussion portals: In my opinion the forums are pretty nice regarding the traffic because offers opportunity for backlinks and you can add your website/blog under the signature field, therefore every time you wish to leave a post, also your address link is around.
Shareaholic and Social websites: Shareaholic it is a cool widget I have implemented on one of my sites and allows my to “upload” my post info to my social website accounts (just at a quick click of the mouse). You will be able to share what you write with anyone you know on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg, Technorati, MSN, etc. Maybe at first Twitter is not extremely efficient offering just a quick burst of traffic but once you are followed by more and more people then you get a more constant amount of visitors.
Email signature: This is a pretty fast way to advertise your blog. By attaching it into the signature (along with your phone number (eventually) address, etc) all the recipients will be aware and (let’s hope) curious about your web address

Monday, February 21, 2011

The hottest and trendiest keywords, phrases and topic over the internet

It seems a bit puzzling when thinking which websites would keep a statistic about the most frequently used words on the web network. In fact this problem would be simply solved by a quick google search. However for the sake of simplicity I will list in this article the most reliable search engines which show a history record of the hottest searches.
Internet network website resources related to most popular and hottest keywords:
Google Hot Trends – lists the top searches today on Google.
Google Trends – shows a detailed record of Google’s most searched topics and keywords. Searches – reveals a weekly most used words. Hot Searches – shows a top listing with very trendy keywords.
Dogpile Search – list frequent searched topics updated in real time.
Of course there are many more website that publicize their history records but those listed above are regarded as most known and popular.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is most profitable template?

Let’s ask a tricky question. What is best efficient money making blog template? This question is addressed for blogspot as well as wordpress bloggers. Simply the most advantageous templates for beginners are those with 3 columns. Why? Because it offers more freedom regarding the advertising space without overcrowding the blog page. It is well known that the design of the template is very important to attract the visitors and keep them coming back. If you use a 2 column template and want to place (for example) more than 3 adsense ads per page, the only available locations are either the posts block or the sidebar. Normally is preferable to leave the post area as clean as possible. The best ads design for posts column is the linear link ads which can be set in between the posts. If you wish instead to paste adsense code in the sidebar you either overwhelm it with commercials which is not aesthetic or you can put the adverts code down the page but in that case is less likely to draw visitor’s attention. Hence this is the reason why I would recommend the blog users to employ a three column template (1 post area plus 2 sidebars) because one more sidebar will allow you to optimize better the ads placement. See the most popular 3-column blog templates.

About Blogybiz - personal stuff

This blog is wanted as a tutorial for bloggers in their early days and who want to get a little income from their work. Everything described here is based solely on personal experience and can not be regarded as general rules. So far I’ve been blogging for about 3 years and I picked up and applied many of the tips by using my favourite blogs: Problogger, Copyblogger, BlogTyrant; they are just great and dominate the world of blogging. I launched BlogyBiz because I wanted to find ways to optimize and increase the Adsense revenues and develop other ways of income.
My posts here are based on four general ideas:
1. Use multiple blogs.
2. Narrow the niche (allowed by the first item).
3. Be friendly with Google.
4. Promote and advertise decently (spam avoidance)


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