Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Small-amount money-earning opportunities

Well, just decided to write down a few possibilities of making bucks with your blog/website but at somehow low-level. Why did I say low-level? Just because if you are not experienced enough or manage a "super" blog for sure you do not become rich. It is a long way to get there. Anyway at this chapter a favourite choice to build uo some income is to subscribe to paid sponsored review websites: A discovered and tried two of them so far and probably i am going to check out some others. I can say that is working nice and well because they show plenty of offers updated on a daily basis. They display about 10-20 offers per day amounting between 5 and 30 dollars on average. It is also simple to handle the procedure; what you have to do is just to bid for the reviews and in the coming period (matter of days) you get confirmation or not. Another review writing website is but there are two main problems with them: 1. you do not have the freedom of choosing the prefered reviews because they offered to you by administrators and 2. you can get 1-2 reviews per month to complete/write about (which is extremely low amount). Both websites make the payments in time as scheduled.


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