Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is most profitable template?

Let’s ask a tricky question. What is best efficient money making blog template? This question is addressed for blogspot as well as wordpress bloggers. Simply the most advantageous templates for beginners are those with 3 columns. Why? Because it offers more freedom regarding the advertising space without overcrowding the blog page. It is well known that the design of the template is very important to attract the visitors and keep them coming back. If you use a 2 column template and want to place (for example) more than 3 adsense ads per page, the only available locations are either the posts block or the sidebar. Normally is preferable to leave the post area as clean as possible. The best ads design for posts column is the linear link ads which can be set in between the posts. If you wish instead to paste adsense code in the sidebar you either overwhelm it with commercials which is not aesthetic or you can put the adverts code down the page but in that case is less likely to draw visitor’s attention. Hence this is the reason why I would recommend the blog users to employ a three column template (1 post area plus 2 sidebars) because one more sidebar will allow you to optimize better the ads placement. See the most popular 3-column blog templates.


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