Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making money with cashcrate?

Just found Cash Crate website recently and decided to try it. Actually you can earn some cash by filling out surveys and giving up your email address. You can be sure that you will be overwhelmed with plenty of spam messages in the inbox. Therefore if going for Cash Crate it is recommended to use a dedicated email address for it. Although the "get paid to" CashCrate programme is considered a simple way to make money, yet i considered there are some troubles. Normally the website pays you to fill up your email for offers, take surveys, buy or download products and refer to other people (referral program). From all of them the most desirable is to complete the offers BUT they are too...less, especially for those outside US. Why the offers are favorite? Because it is easy to complete the required email address field and does not take long time. Another "but" (according to some reports) is the reliability of the paid survey website. Many people complained their (phone) bills were charged because of accepting/marking some advertising conditions, hence just pay great attention what you are filling out. One more mention for those who try the cash crate "offer" section: after clicking the offer and filling out your email that is enough for submission. Probably you will be taken to another advert window but is not necessary to check it because is not part of the paid program. Success!!


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