Monday, February 21, 2011

The hottest and trendiest keywords, phrases and topic over the internet

It seems a bit puzzling when thinking which websites would keep a statistic about the most frequently used words on the web network. In fact this problem would be simply solved by a quick google search. However for the sake of simplicity I will list in this article the most reliable search engines which show a history record of the hottest searches.
Internet network website resources related to most popular and hottest keywords:
Google Hot Trends – lists the top searches today on Google.
Google Trends – shows a detailed record of Google’s most searched topics and keywords. Searches – reveals a weekly most used words. Hot Searches – shows a top listing with very trendy keywords.
Dogpile Search – list frequent searched topics updated in real time.
Of course there are many more website that publicize their history records but those listed above are regarded as most known and popular.


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