Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Popular ways to add traffic for making money

Here I will "talk" about the fastest ideas, ways to build blog traffic. Making money is obviously related to traffic; every blogger knows that. There are many possibilities to attract traffic to your blog, the only remaining question is how far would you like to go for that. A good option is to pay popular websites but it is somehow expensive (depends on your pocket). You can work yourself to get traffic and the social media sites are strong points. But which of them? It is good to have unique and relevant keywords but with billions of websites across the web is a quite tough task to get noticed.
So far, I have already tried some methods to boost the traffic on my websites and my conclusion is depicted as follows:
High quality posts. What do you hope with that? Well, the answer is…backlinks to popular sites. Recently I wrote a post about a certain topic (not mention its name here) and I highlighted that posts with some less familiar keywords. It just happen that a news website found my link, the editors liked my report and posted on their page. It was a very efficient backlink with thousands of visitors (~4000) daily for about one week. Of course the traffic from that backlink decreased over time but however I got one point in Google’s PR and even not I get visitors from respective website (probably they search the archives and more important I am better found on Google).
Forums/discussion portals: In my opinion the forums are pretty nice regarding the traffic because offers opportunity for backlinks and you can add your website/blog under the signature field, therefore every time you wish to leave a post, also your address link is around.
Shareaholic and Social websites: Shareaholic it is a cool widget I have implemented on one of my sites and allows my to “upload” my post info to my social website accounts (just at a quick click of the mouse). You will be able to share what you write with anyone you know on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg, Technorati, MSN, etc. Maybe at first Twitter is not extremely efficient offering just a quick burst of traffic but once you are followed by more and more people then you get a more constant amount of visitors.
Email signature: This is a pretty fast way to advertise your blog. By attaching it into the signature (along with your phone number (eventually) address, etc) all the recipients will be aware and (let’s hope) curious about your web address


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