Friday, February 25, 2011

What is the ideal length of a blog post and how a nice written post can increase traffic?

The content is the masterpiece of a blog. The way a post is written, its clarity and length are very important because it can attract visitors, backlinks and sympathy of the search engines (through keywords). How long should a blog post be? The answer is somehow relative but there are a few ideas tips a user should keep account of.
  1. It does not exist a perfect ideal length for a post message.
  2. The length of the blog posts should be variable (diversity). Why? Because some users like to read short, selected and highlighted information and some other readers prefer to enjoy a more detailed topic. Besides that think about a blog post as a normal conversation. Any of your conversations is the same length? Clearly not! You might talk for 1 minute or you might talk for 1 hour. The same is also with the posts; just try to be original and write as much as necessary.
  3. A short blog post is used when wishing to comment something which (unfortunately) seems already debated by many others and in this case the post is ideally to be at least accompanied by nice selective keywords which can help in promoting efforts. It is like expressing your own opinion but on a subject which is quite popular; as long as many people discussed that it does not make sense to spend much time with that post excepting that you have some genuine followers and want to share with them.
  4. A long post is excellent when something is very recent (like breaking news). When writing a good content (long) post which is backed up also by some keywords there is most likely to happen for the post message to be used as a topic reference on popular high-ranked websites. That means backlink and traffic – 2 essential things.
From a technical point of view the blog post lengths are categorized as follows:
1. Short blog posts:        4 Paragraphs and 135 Words
2. Medium Blog Posts:  6 Paragraphs and 450 Words
3. Long Blog Posts:     25 Paragraphs and 1550 Words


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