Saturday, February 19, 2011

5 tricks to monetize your blog

If you want to make bucks with your personal blog or website you must understand that you are not the only one! There are tens, hundreds of millions of users trying to do the same thing. Does it sound bad? Maybe yes, but the good news is that the internet marketing has a lot of resources. And there is place for anyone if knows how to deal the situation. I have been navigating on the web for a while and when being a beginner I managed to make some money but at a slow pace. Actually about 7 months after I launched my first blog I succeeded to accumulate around $300 a month using Adsense program and Paid Reviews. There are many more options to get income but not all of them are working therefore I decided to express my opinion and make a short selection. The most known ways to gather some money with your webpage are depicted below:
Adsense: is probably the most popular because Google is always a money maker. Adsense lets you place ads on you site related to the content and will pay you based on how many visitors click on the ads. Many people said they made tens of thousand of money with Adsense showing paid checks but this does not happen to often and actually they mostly try to advertise their own page. It is unlikely to earn much if you do not own a very popular website; let’s limit to regular people here. Warning: To note that it does not make sense to search the web for the most paid adsense keywords because Google has a complex algorithm which solved already this problem, otherwise everyone would get rich by using suitable words on his own blog. Advice: An important idea to increase Adsense income is to open and monetise as many websites/blogs as possible but (warning) be careful to keep them all under the same Google Account (even if have more Gmail accounts). Google does not like you to have more than one Adsense account under the same name therefore even if you have more Gmail accounts just correlate them all with only one Gmail Adsense account. You are allowed to put the adsense code on any of your websites.
Affiliate programs: it means that you contribute in selling others products. The affiliation will make you as a link between readers and online websites which have something to sell. At this chapter Amazon is a very popular choice. For example you liked a book, then write a review/description about it on your blog and link it to Amazon. Your readers who click your review will be directed to Amazon and if they buy the book you get paid as well.
Paid reviews: This program will pay you to write reviews about advertisers on your blog. In order to do so you need to subscribe your blog to specific sponsored review websites (which act as an intermediary between advertiser and blogger). The most serious such websites it worked for me are: and There are some others but just did not focus too much on them.
Ebook: This is really simple and nice. For sure you are good at something. OK, then write a nice pdf file about what you are good at and place it for sale on your website. The length of an ebook is not really necessary to be huge. It can start from 10-15 pages let’s say.
Ask for contributions: that means donations. You probably saw on various blog a link paypal button with the text “donate” above or underneath. So if you write something which is nice and interesting, your readers will probably like it and will be willing to donate a small amount for your effort. You do not have to be ashamed to ask for donations. Practically you ask your work to be paid back.
These 5 tips to earn income work very well once you have a blog which is at least three months old. All this period you have to try hardly to build up a good and organized content and important, keep the niche as narrow as possible, otherwise develop another blog if want to expand your knowledge. At least for me it worked.


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