Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is best? One-blog vs. multi-blogs! (Money making tip)

This post is supposed to be an advice for beginners. The skilled bloggers know already the trick. When I released my first blog (blogspot) I wanted to be my unique webpage to dedicate for. I managed to raise the Google PR up to 4 within just 8 months and I submitted my blog for the Adsense program. That is it! I wanted to make money with Adsense. Well, I was a bit surprised to see that even if having days with lots of visitors I was not making more that 10-80 cents a day. At the same time I observed that popular and famous bloggers all time were mentioning how many blogs they manage, some of them up to 20. I was wondering why they own so many blogs and when having time to administrate them. It took me a bit of time to figure out the answer after I preceded the same. More blogs actually enhance the Adsense revenue. What is the advantage of dealing with multi-blogs instead of putting your effort in only one? Well, when develop more websites, first of all you are able to narrow the niche (to choose a specific topic for each website) and second, you can expand the Adsense ads on larger space (multiple pages) instead of having just a few ads on a single blog. Therefore the advice is to launch several webpages/blogs at the same time depending on your free time and how much you can handle. As I mentioned in other posts, do not submit each blog for Adsense program instead use only one Google Account (the favourite one) and place the ads on the other blogs as you wish. Therefore it is not necessary to have an Adsense account for each site individually but it is ok to use only one Adsense account which administrates all the blogs. 


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